Inventory of child labour impact evaluations

The Inventory of Impact Evaluations consolidates and provides access to information on statistical impact evaluations of projects and programmes relating to child labour. Research evidence and past policy experience points to four policy “pillars” of particular relevance to child labour – education, social protection, labour markets, and advocacy - and the impact evaluations are classified on the basis of these policy pillarssp

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All policy areas     Education     Social protection     Labour markets     Communication/advocacy

The state of knowledge concerning child labour impact is not however uniform across these four policy pillars. There are not yet any published impact evaluations of interventions relating to labour markets or advocacy with child labour information. The Inventory, therefore, to date relates primarily to the social protection, and, to a lesser extent, the education sector. The impact evaluations included in the Inventory vary widely in terms of methodology, and, accordingly, in terms of the statistical robustness and external validity of the results they yield. The evaluation results presented in the Inventory should therefore be interpreted with this in mind. Users are strongly encouraged to forward information concerning other completed or ongoing evaluations at in order to make the inventory as comprehensive as possible.